this is finn

Arctic Fox, 18 years old, 170cm tall, green hair

Finnley Wittevos (often just Finnley or Finn) is a mostly standard arctic fox with some colorful touches across his body.

He was born in the deep west of Germany. There are little to no details about the period between 2004 and 2021. It is known that he was bullied in school though. That left him with scars he hides under his thick coat of white fur. After studying computer science, he moved into a small apartment which he proudly calls his personal den.

Finn is an eloquent speaker and a good rhetorician, but he is mostly known for his rather dorky behavior and his understanding of computers and code. Despite his fluffy and cute appearance, he loves dark humor and cracks jokes about everyone and everything.

Finn is around 170 cm or 5'7'' tall, which makes him a bit smaller than some of his friends. His tail is very wide and around half as big as him. It features a green tip. His right ear is white with a green inner portion, while his left ear is completely black. It is rumoured that this symbolises a dark past, but no one is actually sure. A green patch of hair covers his head, perfect to pat or to ruffle through. His blue eyes exude absolute trust to those he loves. His paws show green beans.

Despite his thick fur coat, Finn prefers to wear a blue hoodie which provides comfort. The pocket is always open for smaller guests (or for his paws, it depends). He thinks that "trousers are for those who fear the horny" and is part of the Nullvember movement.

the journey

feb 2021

FInnley was brought into life on my birthday by ArcticSpaceFox. A simple SVG image of an Arctic Fox wearing a blue hoodie would be the base of all that was to come.

jul 2021

The first proper drawing of Finn was also the first "fan art". A server member on a Discord where I was an admin drew the staff's fursonas. I can't help but notice how sad Finn looks. Maybe he's just thinking...

Shortly after that, my reference sheet by Jazzmim was commissioned and finished! Finn got his "final" design here, with his green-tipped tail and black ear.

aug 2021

A friend surprised me with this commission. I think it's the best depiction of Finn yet and I use him almost everywhere. Almighty Teg made him.

Around this time, I took a few days to recolor both Pulex' Fox Pack 1 and 2.

dec 2021

I surprisingly won a raffle by Taevari and decided to drag my friend HighlandWolf into the mix. The resulting winter walk is the first two-char image with Finn.

jan 2022

The new year started off with a bang. I asked RizGBlue if he could recolor one of my stickers to look like I was hugging my boyfriend. He acquired a fresh fursona (was sick of his old one) and promptly this adorable image saw the light of day.

feb 2022

Look at this happy boi! I turned 18 and Just_a_Puffin pixeled Finn with a party hat. I mean... A PARTY HAT! Also yes the cake was very delicious.

jun 2022

This one was a surprise plotted out by ArcticSpaceFox and Fenrir. I remember how I got it. I was on a train to Cologne and really bored so I scrolled through some Discords. I randomly saw this image popping up and couldn't believe it. I remembers me a lot of when I visited ArcticSpaceFox in April.

jul 2022

A short strip by M4ysona, recolored by me. It's just cute...

Also, I played around with Dalle2 a bit, generated some things and recolored them to my needs. It was a fun exercise grading and retouching the messy stuff the AI has given me.

jan 2023

The first time we hear from Finn after a while. Def.X drew him as a gift after me reaching 100 followers on Mastodon.

feb 2022

Valentines was around the corner and I asked a friend, Cabbage, if she could draw something.

Then my birthday rolled around. My boyfriend commissioned a thing at Dragonfloof and I'm quite happy with the result! Thanks, you two! 

RizGBlue also did some magic. Thanks, Riz!

may 2023

Riz at it again. It's Finn, but he is a quiz show host.

jun 2023

Terrence thought it's a good idea to give me some art for pride month. Why not? Oggy was at it here! Thanks a lot you two!

nov 2023

Dragonfloof responded to my call for an anniversary piece. Two years 

feb 2024

Valentines is very cuddly this year... Thamk Dragonfloof!

Same Dragonfloof made a badge for cons and whatnot!

apr 2024

Danny Arctic felt like making a headshot of Finn, complete with cameras as a background pattern. be continued 🦊